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“There are too many people and too few human beings. The more humanity advances, the more it is degraded, for happiness is in our society but only clocked in sadness”
What’s the difference in between the sky and the sea? Love and hate? Light and dark? Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than You. In the mirror I see myself and not you. Then what makes me, Me and you, You? Your blood is red, so is mine, your kindness and patience is everlasting, is mine?
Everyone aims for a perfect world but is perfectionism what we really want? COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY are the key ingredients that form a utopian society says Aldous Huxley. Then again are the individuals responsible for the formation of the society? Or is the society responsible for the formation of individuals? For a utopian world shouts out to its people “lose your individuality!!!” Brave New World emphasises the aspect that a world must be based around one belief, one mind. One Body in Ford.
In Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca ambition is the virtue that surpasses all the boundaries, even one’s own caste. In our modern society, filled with intellects, a quality such as human genomes is enough to divide you and me. Morals are the foundation for the creation of human beings, for nurture maybe of the greater good, or for worst. Often our eyes blind us; it’s our nature, for we seek only the best. Our emotions, our body and our intellectual ability craft us, but then how to gain stability?

Our knowledge develops from day to day, our characteristics cultivate second by second. English men simply call out “Hello”, whilst the French exclaim “Bounjourno”, for Chinese its “Neehoa”, and who can forget those Islanders who very often tend to shout out “G’day mate!” Our nature, our upbringing, our influences, all contributes in crafting us into who we are. Our differing mindsets, differing thought process are all a part of a term, individuality. What is individuality? You and Me? Self-Independence. Self- Realization.
After a week’s hard work, when God finally created this world, he decided to fill it up with creatures, to make them all superior he gifted us all with a talent, something to be recognized by. Many live there life searching for answers, their strengths, some realize their potential just in time and become millionaires. However talent, isn’t all about gaining success, it is about unravelling Y.O.U (your own uniqueness), understanding the person who wears your name tag, and in doing so giving an identity to your own soul.

Just the other day Benjamin Franklin stated “Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” For many privileged, opportunity is everyday thing. But there are those who try and jump, jump as high as they can yet fail to reach their mark, it is as though a glass ceiling exists. From an individual’s skin colour, to his/her genome prejudice still shows up here or there. Prejudice formed simply on the basis of uniqueness. The film Gattaca portrays a message, message about barriers intact, barriers that only allow those who are accustomed to perfectionism. It is a depiction of society where there are no mistakes, no faults. No matter how great one’s talent maybe, yet his ambition is regarded as a failure, only because of blood. Reminding us, who are we to judge a book by its cover, for it doesn’t judge us as its reader. For our uniqueness is our pride, our identity. It is to be celebrated.
It is a new experience that we seek, for a new experience seeks us. Every day we dream, we think, we take risks, why? All we want is excitement; we often wonder to and fro getting bored only waiting for something to happen, something out of ordinary. Our Interactions with those unlike us, our diversity keeps us alive, keeping us safe from a place where stability is the only option. Stability that is gained from the formations in surrogates, machines in hundreds and thousands who only look like you and me but have limited, rather no space to think within. Brave New World opens up a dimension to utopia then why does it all sound like a dystopia? Isn’t perfection what we want? Don’t we all want to fall into a trap of happiness? Then why sadness?

It is evident that morals and ethics play a major role in the implications of the Nature vs. Nurture debate, thus present a dilemma in different societies around the world. Morals are an ever-changing cycle of social norms taught and nurtured to the younger generations during their upbringing, which ultimately influences their perception of the world that they live in. Morals and ethics have changed throughout the course of history and will continue to transform as mankind ventures into a new age of technology and scientific discovery. Morality is infact double faced, one which we preach but do not practise and another which we practice but often preach.
Is knowledge a problem for knowledge itself, is power to much for power itself? For a power is a greed that can destroy best of people. Power in the hands of humans, enables such individuals to craft the path for future accordingly. Evident in the film ‘Gattaca’, the morals and ethics have transitioned from today’s understanding in the sense that Human Genetics Enhancement which is considered to be perfectly normal and natural. The scene of enhancing a baby’s immunity and appearance in the laboratory reinforces this idea of Moral Transitioning. Science may hold the answers, but do all the questions have to be answer, moreover provided with a solution?
The alteration of Moral and Ethical progression is carried a step further in Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ as such virtues have shifted above and beyond what today’s society is accustomed to. The concepts of Parenting and Pregnancy are obscene within this ‘Brave New World’, replaced by the nurtured ideal that ‘Everybody belongs to everybody else’ thus presenting the idea that it is normal to have sexual relations with multiple partners at a time, thus contradicting the statement “You shall not commit adultery.” The use of ‘Soma’ is also a device used to show Huxley’s perception of human’s weakness, their inability to deal with deep emotions resulting in the denial of sadness or anger. This creates a setting without true emotions resulting in a world of superficial happiness and contentment. This conveys the flaws of a so-called ‘Utopian Society’. The sacrifice of true emotions and feelings for the sake of control.

Gattaca portrays the idea of individual’s being nurtured to fit into a society. Class which is determined by science; as Vincent loses his identity and lives as Jerome to fulfil both their ambitions. ‘I belonged to a new underclass, no longer determined by social status or the colour of my skin. Now we have discrimination to science,’ this statement underlines nature, which is controlled by supernatural factors but also its counterpart. No longer is the social status determined by education or race, it is about being the best, the best from inside.

Brave New World depicts the loss of humanity in the hands of ‘machine-men’. The utopians have their own social cast- alphas, betas, gammas, deltas, and epsilons. “I suppose Epsilons don’t really mind being Epsilons” she said aloud. “Offcourse they don’t. How can they? They don’t know what it’s like being anything else.” So is conditioning the aspect that links to the getting rid of self-identity part? Or are we born into system where truth is camouflaged?

In a utopian world, you are just another product on the shelf, waiting to be picked out, eaten and thrown away. Living in a utopian society causes individuals lose their individuality, preventing men and women to showcase their own uniqueness. A perfect world poses a question in regards to moral values, its practises, moreover an individual’s upbringing. So do you belong in the aisle of tomato cans? Or the aisle of freshly baked bread? How would you feel if you had the same name as everyone else, looked like everyone else, thought and was conditioned like everyone? How would it feel to be noticed by others by what you are, but not by who you are? YOU see, a utopian society will make you me and me you. Brave New World and Gattaca both express two different messages but are closely linked. The world state in BNW leads the people to believe who they are according to their views, whereas in Gattaca, Vincent realizes through his own eyes who he really is. You is You, Me is Me. We won’t have it any other way. Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today. Your life is yours not mine, don’t let this change, as time goes by.


A leader, often people claim a leader to be the smart one, smart, what is smart ? www.freedictionary.com claims smart to be characterised by a sharp, quick thought; bright. So does being a deep learner always  highlight how smart an individual is? I certainly do not think so, in my opinion I have always seen smart individuals (students), to be all-rounders, no matter what scenario they have been placed within yet they are able to bring upon a smile and manage to craft their way out through the hurdles, that to quite swiftly. Often this can be seen in practise…

Teacher- “So Ronnie can I please see your  homework?”

Ronnie, standing up- “You see sir another pupil from another school fell into a lake and I jumped in to rescue him. Unfortunately, my homework drowned.”

From newly developed iPads to iPhones to big boxes which were once regarded as computers, such technology, but also the software interface which connects the user with such gadgets looks upon a major concept, for it enables its users to efficiently communicate and put forth ones own mindset. For it showcases ones creativity, knowledge and the line through which an individual looks upon various aspects ( all of these are directly linked with the user and the developer, for it provides an insight into his/her mind as well).

A leader will never walk upon trodden leaves for he/she will choose a path which hasn’t been explored, thus underlining ones uniqueness. As I have claimed before amendments have to be made for the sake of excelling. In our society, yes there is a lot of decompling of software. Are such “copied” softwares moralistically correct? What does it say but its developer?  Is he/she just simply smart or clever? Or is he/she full of  lazy character ( keeping in mind this certainly isn’t a property of a leader) ?

Whilst giving presentation I often like to try new things. I’m constantly experimenting with various programs that are available to me. When you are standing up there, and all the other presentations prior to yours have been on either powerpoint and keynote, by the time its your turn people (audience) are already half asleep, therefore its important that you can straight away have an impact on them. Here are some sites I often use, they provide, excitement , something new, people are all of a sudden interested in viewing what you have come up with…  http://www.onetruemedia.com/ , http://www.glogster.com/ , http://www.spresent.com/v2/ (currently my favourite). Its always good to make yourself stand out, and cast an impression that you really mean business.

Take time and look at your fingers. Small or stubby, long or skinny.  They are weak, brittle, soft and sensitive, in fact I actually have a broken finger, whilst playing footy(Australian football league), now bend your fingers and put them together, that thing you’re looking at right now is called a fist, fist a thing that is known to have broken may ribs and jaws. Each student in a classroom or in fact a grade is just like an individual finger, now putting them together forms a massive fist and they to break no, not jaws but any/many barriers in their path. This is a concept I have learned after 11 years of schooling. Often working on projects, leading various groups my key to success is the fact  that I’m able form one body from 5-6 individual bodies, HOW??

“So Matty what did you do this weekend ?”

 “Nothing much, just played COD (call of duty)”

“yeah , so what was your KD (kill/ death)”

“20 to 3”

“yeah, thats hectic.”

” so if you were to be working for activision… what structure approach would you regard it as?”

“It is certainly was large-scale – both budget and time, so probably structured”

” You know the graphics the wide range of weapons, maps… certainly showcase the large-scale project it was… so yeah probably structured approach”

For me as an individual its important to get to know my team members, enabling me to get the most out of them. More often than not I tend to use approach where my team members are confident and enjoying the experience/conversation that I’m slowly starting to stir up. People often ask me, how do I work with the surface learners, or the “I can’t be bothered” students? The answer is simple, sometimes you have to bend your finger to take out honey. I firstly understand how a particular student thinks, his/her likes and dislikes, from there on I just work upon what they approve of, in the end they smash my very own expectations.  To achieve my goal I personally like to take things easy, therefore I often speak in slang or the ‘gangsterish’ language. I certainly don’t try and use words that are sophisticated in a sense, because then again I’ll start sending my team members to a deep sleep. I’am able to relate the topic they are interested in, to the content being discussed. I know all of this may sound weird but try and see it for yourself- certainly a lesson that PBL has taught me.

Looking at broader group of learners, sites such as the ones depicted in this mind blowing mind map http://www.mindmeister.com/12213323# but also some of my favourites http://www.scribblar.com/ , http://www.wiziq.com/virtual_classroom.aspx (one of the best),  http://www.ning.com/ . All off these tools can be used effectively, in a way that it can bring together and collect learnings, and experiences of each individual student or a person of interest. For it enables people to learn of each other, I for one am better able to understand when my mate explains me something as compared to a teacher. But it also expands my level of thinking, moreover the topics I’am thinking about.

There is a leader inside all of us but its all about recognising this exciting character. For a leader often things may seem complicated and difficult, impossible for these blokes is I’m possible. Moreover such individuals always have a simle, no matter what the situation. You are are leader as well, so simle 😮 )

Boom! well that’s how year 11 has started for me and my peers.

How often do teachers recite ” How can I push my students?” well ladies and gentlemen the wait is over –  the answer is 151.PBL in year 9 and 10 has equipped me and my peers with various skill such as organization (time management),use of technology and teamwork, well 151 pushes such skills to its limits. It forces us ( students) to fight our laziness, work tirelessly ( ever since school has started I can’t get ahead of school-work…I’am still playing on my back-foot). We (students) are lead to a path where self-initiative is the key concept for success. Where we(students) find answers to complex questions all by ourselves. Is it easy?

By no means is this pedagogy easy, moreover its harder, in a sense that a lot more work as to be done from our ( students)  side. Prior to entering a classroom nearly all the students have basic understanding and knowledge upon the topic and its major concepts. So how does it all work?

151 – lets break it up:  1 ( 1 hour period introductory lesson) 5 (Body- A lot(group) of 5 hour period upon one subject, solve a problem that evolves around the chapter content/syllabus) 1 (Summing up the chapter test, quiz…)

Introductory Lesson (1st session)

Teachers introduce students to the topic, give an outlook upon the scenario,and the content(learning). One of my electives is SDD (Software Design and Development), for my previous project here is an example of the introductory lesson (on Constructing Algorithms) a presentation created by Mr.Gavin Hays… Content_Release

5 hourly lesson (Body) (2nd session)

Apparently, scientist claim that if the mind is able to focus upon one subject over a set period of time its able to grasp and suck out a lot more information from the content being taught. This ideology is best catered for in this form of educating system. For a whole day, in the span of two weeks just looks upon one subject, its like doing Chemistry or English for a whole day, ( yes that also includes maths for a whole day – 5 hours as well 🙂 ).  As daunting as it may seem, as impossible as it may sound, as ridiculous as it may read. I ensure you, no gain without pain. For this may be hard and at times it may seem tough, having the same teacher in front of the classroom for a whole day, but you know what when you leave the classroom I for one certainly feel proud of myself. WHY? because during this 5 hours I know I have pushed myself. AND THIS GOES FOR EVERYONE. Even the quietest of the student in the class who seem to be surface learners tend to grasp some form of knowledge. So what goes on during these 5 hours?

This time arround I will give an example of my first module in Physics created by Mr.McMohan.I personally believe that an individual learns more by examples, so I hope it helps you as well.

Problem: Wave Model – The Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

The original, 5,939-foot-long Tacoma Narrows Bridge, popularly known as “Galloping Gertie,” opened to traffic on July 1, 1940 after two years of construction, linking Tacoma and Gig Harbor. It collapsed just four months later during a 42-mile-per-hour wind storm on Nov. 7, 1940. (http://www.ketchum.org/tacomacollapse.html )

How could the engineers design a new bridge, after learning the lessons that led to the collapse of the old bridge?

Release the problem criteria

Determine how a small wind could cause a bridge to collapse and fail catastrophically.

Explain the failure in the context of the standard Wave Model.

Suggest also lessons learnt and outline improved construction methods in bridge and building design and construction from these events.

Next steps

Use Simulations in “Session 1 – Content Release” to go over Some of the Theory of Waves. Both as demonstration and student involvement

Teaching & Learning Activities (2 Hours)

Various teaching activities should be presented to the students that will assist in understanding syllabus content relating to the problem.

Go Over Some of the Theory of Waves (maths in particular)

describe waves as a transfer of energy disturbance that may occur in one, two or three dimensions, depending on the nature of the wave and the medium

Identify that mechanical waves require a medium for propagation while electromagnetic waves do not

define and apply the following terms to the wave model: medium, displacement, amplitude, period, compression, rarefaction, crest, trough, transverse waves, longitudinal waves, frequency, wavelength, velocity

describe the relationship between particle motion and the direction of energy propagation in transverse and longitudinal waves

quantify the relationship between velocity, frequency and wavelength for a wave.

Set some appropriate questions

Do appropriate practicals (eg some or all of Slinky Springs, Ropes, Sound in Bell Jar, Virtual Oscilliscope eg teacher computer with microphone and projected onto a screen, Tuning Forks and whistling make good reproducible waves).


– Answers to Practicals 1.1 (investigating waves in a slinky spring) questions a) to g) do with a quick discussion)

– Practical 2.1 (analysing sound waves from a tuning fork) as a demo with the computer CRO

– Practical 2.2 (observing wave interference) do it with a microphone and the computer CRO

– Practical 2.3 (sound waves from musical instruments) discuss it or play a guitar and read it with the CRO


Inquiry based activities


Comprehension activities

Group problem solving (1 Hours)

Groups will work together using the knowledge they have gained to solve the given problem.

They will present their solutions in the appropriate format.

Presentation & Debrief (1 Hour)

All presentations will be uploaded to a dropbox.

Groups will present their findings and will be asked specific questions relating to their presentations.

1 Hour(3 session) – Follow up and Evaluation lesson

Reinforcement holds great significance for it allows students to figure out where they stand in terms content learning  – strength and weakness. Alongside it underpins the next step for the teacher, for it provides sir/ma’am with some form of feedback, for it may be a test(an in class exam), journal entry…etc. It sums up the chapter, here is an example from studies of religion…

So is this pedadgogy good?

I really don’t have an answer, but yes what I can say is my peers and I have NEVER worked as hard before, does hard-work makes one sucessfull? thats up to you, your choice …Now I think its time for me to get back to my homework 🙂

Hope you all have had mind-blowing holidays, well I certainly did. I thought I would take time off and recap over past years and in doing so try to figure where I went wrong and try to set goals for 2010 schooling year. I enjoy recapping over past experiences, because from them I am able to pick up my weakness and strengths.

It was my second (final) year of Project Based Learning. Project Based Learning these three words have changed not only how I think, but the way I act, live and communicate. The only reason why I ‘am blogging today is because of Project Based Learning, for I didn’t even know a term such as blog existed. This journey, my journey, my peers journey, my teachers journey started two years ago in year nine, my grade was the first in Australia to undertake PBL.

Two years ago, 2008. Coming off brilliant holidays (holidays are always so brilliant) I was much too relaxed entering the school grounds. There was chatter all around me, everyone was extremely excited looking at new classrooms, built just for year 9’s. Little did we know about the change that was going to enter our lives…

Chapter 1: THE SHOCK

We were handed out our timetables, and then told to move of to our homerooms (morning roll call). Everyone was gazing around a massive class(old study Hall) trying to pick up various details of the room.  First it was 10 students who entered the room then 30 , 40 , 50 ,60…What? 60 students in a class with 2 teachers. Bunch of 60 kids meeting after holidays, oh boy the conversations were taking place all over the class. I smiled to myself, on the thought of poor teachers and the nightmare they would have to bare. This was the first shock to all of us including teachers. 

Within a few days we were hit with another shock, the very first project. It was a mess I tell you, the project made many of us (students) go crazy, there was so much confusion. From using books and pen, now it was laptop and computers. Rather than learning, understanding  and doing work all by yourself now it was group that you had to be a part of. Teachers struggled to teach, they were confused themselves.

Chapter 2: DON’T CARE

“I’ll just copy and paste things, as if  teachers will know.” “Have you heard Jay Sean’s new single? hang on I will play it with low sound, teachers wouldn’t know.” “Can’t be stuffed doing any work  it’s all about having fun dude, we can do what ever we want on these computer, hey – let’s go on Facebook I’ll show you my pic.” ” Whenever teachers come around just change the window or the tab.” “I love this PBL thingo it’s like a blugger’s heaven.” “I’ll just let all my other group members do all the work.”

Many students including me lost our focus we were sucked into a habit of wasting our time in class. I for one couldn’t care less about the things that teachers were saying standing in front, for me it was recounting things I did yesterday after school with my mates. On computers it was just copy&paste, alongside music and games (in a classroom).

My first few blogs show you the phase that I was going through…

Now that I think about it, the reason behind  my attitude was mainly due to the lack of attention that teachers were giving me. Even though I was doing the wrong thing my teachers didn’t say anything to me, considering they to were aware of it- my low in class marks must have meant something. For teachers I just didn’t exist, it was as though I was an invisible ghost. I wasn’t provided with any words of encouragement. Yet I don’t blame teachers, it was entirely my fault.

Chapter 3: ANOTHER CHANGE…no not again

The whole grade was jumbled up again,  many were put into different classes. My attitude remained same, it wasn’t just one subject it was all the subjects. My lack of enthusiasm brought along many failures but I would  just close my eyes and refuse to see them. First time I was approached by a teacher, he/she wanted to see me because I wasn’t contributing to my group, I was given a warning, that really didn’t make  a major difference to me or my attitude. Then came the real hiccup- Half yearly exams, report, parent teacher meeting. I don’t think I need write about the nightmare that I lived. My marks were VERY poor, it didn’t really  matter to me, but it was the disappointment in the eyes of my loved ones and those around me. It was as though they were ashamed of me, ashamed of my marks, so they should be especially after all the bad things teachers had to say about me, funny they didn’t say anything to me in the class, but sitting there they were highlighting everything.


The term holidays had passed there was a slight difference in my attitude I was at least starting to try and put a bit of effort in. We had project based on Shakespeare we had to act out one of his plays. I have always enjoyed acting :), this project got my engine started. Next came the project so called Greenup 2145, meanwhile a group of teachers had visited Michigan,  America and got training for PBL, so now they to were getting a hang of it. But what was going to happen next I couldn’t even dream of. Greenup 2145 this project was based on Ning  this is where I got into blogging. I was still a bit down on enthusiasm, we were told to log on to the site and start contributing  to it, as well as start blogging, I really didn’t think to big of it then. It was just another project after all.  

Just for the sake of it I to wrote a blog. To my great surprise someone had commented on it, it read …

This is an extremely thorough and detailed response Tanuj! It is really wonderful to see you reflecting on your learning and breaking the project down into what is expected of you. I can certainly see you setting goals for yourself and for your group which absolutely allowing your self to be open to a great learning experience!

It was from my teacher, that very comment ignited my engine… I knew that this was my only chance to make everyone around me proud of myself…soon I was starting to gain comments such as…

I really like this post. It is easy to see what you are doing and that you are identifying clear issues to focus on. I wonder if you might put your conclusion at the end next time? I look forward to starting seeing you deliver on these elements, and I’d suggest that you keep using interesting post tiles (like you have here) to clearly identify what you are writing about. Don’t forget – you can do more than one post a day and this is turning into a great read already.

A great post Tanuj. One of the best I have read so far! Keep up the good work.

I can see your dedication and commitment to achieving great results for this project for both yourself AND your group. The information you have gathered is excellent and the way you are sharing your resources as well is a huge credit to you. Well done.

I just wish I was Tanuj. You keep raising the bar

This was my starting point to aim and reach for my various goals, that very year I was awarded PBL student of the year award. I will never be able to thank my teachers enough for all that they did for me, keeping in mind this encouragement further helped me to strive for excellence in other subjects as well.


Next step in my journey was to understand the reason behind all the hype surrounding the educational reform- Project Based Learning. Many visitors were coming to my school, all wanting to explore PBL. What was so great about this system? To figure out I started to analyse it.

-Entry document: problem is highlighted, students are given a particular situation that they would have to work upon. Whilst working upon problem, students would be gaining the content they need to understand and learn as per the syllabus.

-Rubric: Marking Criteria. Its concise and out lines each and everything that will marked, moreover how will it be marked.

-Know&Need To Know: From the information given about the project what do you know and what you would need to know in order to complete the given task . Highlight skills and knowledge that you would need learn.

-Group Task: Group component, student had to work together amongst other group members and complete the task. Gather all the information together, in doing so teach and learn from other students  in the group.  

-Individual Task: Individual component of the project, to make sure every student is up to date, and has gained necessary information. It could be as simple as an individual test.

-Presentation: Showcasing the work conducted over the period of project. Final end-product, solution to the problem.

-Feedback: areas done well (what was good?, why was it good?) areas that need improvement (work upon weakness). Marks given.

Chapter 6: Entry into 2-digit – ( yr. 10) 2009

To be quite frank year 10 wasn’t as fun, I always thought that something was missing or something was wrong/different.  Firstly going into Year 10 my mindset wasn’t right, I was expecting a lot more.  Hands of to the CST/IST (Catholic Studies and Information Software technology) department, the project they created were just brilliant, there were just so engaging, every time it was something new, something exciting. Students always looked forward to the lauch of another project in CST/IST. I was more than happy with the way things were happening in CST/IST… an example

As far as Social studies (English, History, Geography) was concerned things weren’t quite the same, I completely understand that there was a lot more content to get through considering we had school certificate exams at the end of the year, yet some improvement could have been made. The projects that were rolled out didn’t have direct linkage with content and the end product. The main idea of PBL was apply the given knowledge into real life scenarios, with social studies it just didn’t work in my class. We weren’t meant to be doing end product just for sake of it. To be quite honest I really didn’t find Social Studies as interesting or as engaging, it lacked creativity.     


In last 2 years I have picked up many vital skills that bound to help in future….some of them include

– Use of technology

– How to apply technology to gain most out of it

-Learn to work amongst friends and foes

-Strive for the best 

– Think outside the square 

– Look at the bigger picture

– Conduct research tasks

– Self Confidence

-Will to learn more

– Self motivation

More than anything Project Based Learning as taught me to have a laugh while working: enjoy studying or doing whatever that best interest me. It has taught never to give up and seek more answers. My best learning would have to be – There are two doors to get inside the house if the front door doesn’t work then try the back door.

2010: I will be entering yr.11 another educational reform is going to take place so called 151, stay tuned…  

After an intense period of major exams I finally decided to get back and start blogging. However as soon as I logged in, I realised that many individuals had been viewing my blogs, most of the viewers were coming through http://edublogawards.com/2009/best-student-edublog-2009/ website, so I set out to explore. Grasped by absolute fascination I virtually had no words at that very moment – My weblog had been nominated for the best student edublog 2009. This itself is a massive achievement for me and a BIG THANKYOU goes out to all of my teachers (including ex. teacher without whom I would be no near this nomination- Dean Groom), but also many of my blog readers who have supported me over the past years and made me realise that my words are appreciated.

So once again I would like to thank everyone for giving up their own precious time and money ( because time is money)  and reading my blogs but also providing feedback. Its been a pleasure sharing my thoughts and feelings about various aspects associated with schooling life.

Just finally I would like to thank edublogawards for not only recognising my talent and skill, but the talents and skills of many other  individuals.

PBL (project based learning) was a massive hit, but you just wait and watch next year as my school /grade takes a leap into 151 project…its gonna be bigger and better 🙂

Would greatly appreciate your vote, they spelled my name wrong – TanNuj’s Weblog  http://edublogawards.com/2009/best-student-edublog-2009/

Just 16 years old I can’t really say I have faced hardship to max, but yes what I’m liable to say is I have faced many problems (hey, I’m human to). If asked to sum up Tanuj in one word I guess that word would be risk. Yeah that’s right I’m quite a ‘risk-taker’, thats just who I’ am. After all what’s life without risk. At times things go well, but other times not so well. ‘Not So Well’…ummm put this into the context of school? – Perhaps not getting good marks, or struggling to cope up with amount of workload, and ohhh… Finding it hard to understand the content being discussed. School can really become a nightmare, uhh?

Well I just want to drift off in another direction (it will make sense). I play a lot of sport, but its cricket that I eat, drink and breath. I have been playing this game ever since I was born, I have played it at many different levels. You know what, I was never really gifted at this sport, in fact I was hopeless at it, yet I loved playing it, sounds weird doesn’t it? As they say if you set out to seek, you can even find god, so with a clear mindset, I set out. I practised day and night, having my family looking over me, and showing me a path to success. So from being that guy who would bat at number 9-10 and hardly ever bowl (part-time). I eventually became known as a batsman who could literally bat anywhere, and a bowler known for slowing things down. Many coaches, from many different teams, knew me and every now and then I would be asked to play for so and so teams. But still I would get these butterflies in my stomach when ever I would be facing my first ball, and I couldn’t help wonder why do I have this fear of failure in me?

Few weekends ago we had a game against a team who had been winning the comp from last 3 years (geez isn’t that burning). We were 2 players down, our original opening batsmen was injured, so someone had to open the batting, remind you that we were chasing 260 runs. No one was hoping that we would make more than 140 runs, considering they had very strong bowling line up. Straight away I had all the fingers being pointed at me, with nothing to loose I stared to pad-up. Walking out to the pitch, I knew I would have to face the first ball of the innings. Slowly but steadily my heart beat was increasing, but at that very moment a voice called out me, it was from inside me, it said, “Tanuj why are scared, nothings gonna happen even if get out first ball, but just think what will happen if you get going, you can give your team a chance to win.” Yes I know, it was my self-conscience, you will probably think I’am crazy but I consider it to be my sixth sense, and my god, because it tells me whether I’ am doing the right thing or the wrong thing and it’s always there, no matter what I’am going through. All I know is that my self-conscience (my god) is always right. Anyways in that game I ended making 76 runs, as a result of an astonishing decision, I had to walk. I was a part of 2 major partnerships one lasting 51 runs and the other one 81 runs. We lost that game by ten runs, yes that’s right we made 250, even though we were 2 players down.

That failure was a success. That very day I figured out the reason behind my fear – self-confidence, a virtue that I was missing. That very day I figured out the person who whore the nametag Tanuj. I understood myself. The very day I built a relationship with my conscience.

Through my story there were a few things that imply to my school life as well. Just like in cricket, even in school life you will face many problems, but you know it comes down to you, you can’t point fingers at others and say I’m not able to reach my goal because of him, or her or because of this and that…it’s what cowards do.…even in cricket I have been restricted from reach great heights because of favouritism, its like a glass ceiling, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

I bet you would have heard the saying practise make you prefect, I say this saying is wrong, only correct practise makes you perfect. You gotta keep your head up and keep trying, let nothing stop. Have self-confidence, take a risk, but prepare for the worst. In cricket my family looked over me and showed me a path for success in school it’s the teacher who have to look over and lead the students on.

A life is not lost even though a man is pronounced 99.9% dead; you can’t give up without a fight. For you have gotta understand, to gain a diamond, your self-conscience must call out to you “belief in yourself”, you need to have faith, imagination- a foresight, dedication, determination and the most important building block- hard work.

This is how winnin’ is done…go get ‘em tiger

Hi all,

For my new project- alongside my mates I will be presenting a forum based upon Building Peace In Pursuit Of Justice  bellow is a synopsis of what you can expect in the forum. It will be held at Parramatta Marist High on Friday 25th September.

justice_league copy

Martin Luther King, Jr. once recalled these famous words-“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” In relation to the saying, the very goal we seek is justice. This forum focuses on finding peace within individuals, communities, organizations and in broader prospect- countries. In doing so, the aim of this forum evolves around implanting a change to individual’s thought process based upon various activities that would help build peace in pursuit for justice. The forum concentrates on illuminating the struggles and injustices that the world faces and the reason’s behind the act of making our heavenly Earth look like hell. Presented by Tanuj kakkar, Gaby Elsusu, Nathan Haddad, Peter Diana and Jonathan Haddad the forum recaps the values of human beings and what God expected from his creatures when he created the Earth. We further aspire ordinary individuals like you and me to come together and create harmony, because in doing so we will attain our goal for having justice.

The forum relates to the importance of role models and their significance to teaching and sculpturing our world into civilized land of rainbows and sunshine. In the space of 30 minutes you will be surprised with the realization of change that we are all capable of and the impacts each change has, not just on us but others around us. Through the course of this forum we will put our best foot forward to get you as an individual to change, for the future well being of our world. Learn from past and change the future.

If you are interested in attending this forum, then please do leave a comment bellow and I will soon be in contact with you…