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Leadership + Technology = Romeo and Juliet

Posted on: April 14, 2010

A leader, often people claim a leader to be the smart one, smart, what is smart ? www.freedictionary.com claims smart to be characterised by a sharp, quick thought; bright. So does being a deep learner always  highlight how smart an individual is? I certainly do not think so, in my opinion I have always seen smart individuals (students), to be all-rounders, no matter what scenario they have been placed within yet they are able to bring upon a smile and manage to craft their way out through the hurdles, that to quite swiftly. Often this can be seen in practise…

Teacher- “So Ronnie can I please see your  homework?”

Ronnie, standing up- “You see sir another pupil from another school fell into a lake and I jumped in to rescue him. Unfortunately, my homework drowned.”

From newly developed iPads to iPhones to big boxes which were once regarded as computers, such technology, but also the software interface which connects the user with such gadgets looks upon a major concept, for it enables its users to efficiently communicate and put forth ones own mindset. For it showcases ones creativity, knowledge and the line through which an individual looks upon various aspects ( all of these are directly linked with the user and the developer, for it provides an insight into his/her mind as well).

A leader will never walk upon trodden leaves for he/she will choose a path which hasn’t been explored, thus underlining ones uniqueness. As I have claimed before amendments have to be made for the sake of excelling. In our society, yes there is a lot of decompling of software. Are such “copied” softwares moralistically correct? What does it say but its developer?  Is he/she just simply smart or clever? Or is he/she full of  lazy character ( keeping in mind this certainly isn’t a property of a leader) ?

Whilst giving presentation I often like to try new things. I’m constantly experimenting with various programs that are available to me. When you are standing up there, and all the other presentations prior to yours have been on either powerpoint and keynote, by the time its your turn people (audience) are already half asleep, therefore its important that you can straight away have an impact on them. Here are some sites I often use, they provide, excitement , something new, people are all of a sudden interested in viewing what you have come up with…  http://www.onetruemedia.com/ , http://www.glogster.com/ , http://www.spresent.com/v2/ (currently my favourite). Its always good to make yourself stand out, and cast an impression that you really mean business.

Take time and look at your fingers. Small or stubby, long or skinny.  They are weak, brittle, soft and sensitive, in fact I actually have a broken finger, whilst playing footy(Australian football league), now bend your fingers and put them together, that thing you’re looking at right now is called a fist, fist a thing that is known to have broken may ribs and jaws. Each student in a classroom or in fact a grade is just like an individual finger, now putting them together forms a massive fist and they to break no, not jaws but any/many barriers in their path. This is a concept I have learned after 11 years of schooling. Often working on projects, leading various groups my key to success is the fact  that I’m able form one body from 5-6 individual bodies, HOW??

“So Matty what did you do this weekend ?”

 “Nothing much, just played COD (call of duty)”

“yeah , so what was your KD (kill/ death)”

“20 to 3”

“yeah, thats hectic.”

” so if you were to be working for activision… what structure approach would you regard it as?”

“It is certainly was large-scale – both budget and time, so probably structured”

” You know the graphics the wide range of weapons, maps… certainly showcase the large-scale project it was… so yeah probably structured approach”

For me as an individual its important to get to know my team members, enabling me to get the most out of them. More often than not I tend to use approach where my team members are confident and enjoying the experience/conversation that I’m slowly starting to stir up. People often ask me, how do I work with the surface learners, or the “I can’t be bothered” students? The answer is simple, sometimes you have to bend your finger to take out honey. I firstly understand how a particular student thinks, his/her likes and dislikes, from there on I just work upon what they approve of, in the end they smash my very own expectations.  To achieve my goal I personally like to take things easy, therefore I often speak in slang or the ‘gangsterish’ language. I certainly don’t try and use words that are sophisticated in a sense, because then again I’ll start sending my team members to a deep sleep. I’am able to relate the topic they are interested in, to the content being discussed. I know all of this may sound weird but try and see it for yourself- certainly a lesson that PBL has taught me.

Looking at broader group of learners, sites such as the ones depicted in this mind blowing mind map http://www.mindmeister.com/12213323# but also some of my favourites http://www.scribblar.com/ , http://www.wiziq.com/virtual_classroom.aspx (one of the best),  http://www.ning.com/ . All off these tools can be used effectively, in a way that it can bring together and collect learnings, and experiences of each individual student or a person of interest. For it enables people to learn of each other, I for one am better able to understand when my mate explains me something as compared to a teacher. But it also expands my level of thinking, moreover the topics I’am thinking about.

There is a leader inside all of us but its all about recognising this exciting character. For a leader often things may seem complicated and difficult, impossible for these blokes is I’m possible. Moreover such individuals always have a simle, no matter what the situation. You are are leader as well, so simle 😮 )


4 Responses to "Leadership + Technology = Romeo and Juliet"

Great article ! Thank You !

Thank you Florea, glad you liked it.

thanks, another inspiring insight. I believe in ‘now’ leaders – who existing for an undefined time – based on the environment, need and action. An 8 year old can lead 20 people in a Warcraft Raid. It does not matter they are 30 years the junior of their followers. Meta-leaders – people who connect, share, inspire online do not wear a badge of office, nor will their profile ever say “I am a leader” – it is only by the actions of an individual that others will judge them to be a leader. It is a tremendous mistake for teachers, deputies or principals to assume they are leaders. In many instances – those who are placed at the top of any vertical hierarchy – fail to be true leaders – but just managers or control mechanisms. In my experience, being subordinate to these people often means doing things that I don’t believe in, in spaces and places I would rather not be.

Meta-leaders – those who inspire thought, action and movement are the ones that I admire most. I do appreciate solid, sound, fair and informed management of the frameworks that must exist in schools – however, many leaders are there because of some qualification or opportunity that existed at some time past – it is the ‘now’ leaders that matter most – and for these people – they are often unaware of their impact and influence.

Another fine reflection. Teachers can learn much from you I think.

Just from those words I have picked up on so much… I agree with you on all the accounts, moreover I’am able to relate to it…thanks so much

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