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Posted on: October 16, 2009

Just 16 years old I can’t really say I have faced hardship to max, but yes what I’m liable to say is I have faced many problems (hey, I’m human to). If asked to sum up Tanuj in one word I guess that word would be risk. Yeah that’s right I’m quite a ‘risk-taker’, thats just who I’ am. After all what’s life without risk. At times things go well, but other times not so well. ‘Not So Well’…ummm put this into the context of school? – Perhaps not getting good marks, or struggling to cope up with amount of workload, and ohhh… Finding it hard to understand the content being discussed. School can really become a nightmare, uhh?

Well I just want to drift off in another direction (it will make sense). I play a lot of sport, but its cricket that I eat, drink and breath. I have been playing this game ever since I was born, I have played it at many different levels. You know what, I was never really gifted at this sport, in fact I was hopeless at it, yet I loved playing it, sounds weird doesn’t it? As they say if you set out to seek, you can even find god, so with a clear mindset, I set out. I practised day and night, having my family looking over me, and showing me a path to success. So from being that guy who would bat at number 9-10 and hardly ever bowl (part-time). I eventually became known as a batsman who could literally bat anywhere, and a bowler known for slowing things down. Many coaches, from many different teams, knew me and every now and then I would be asked to play for so and so teams. But still I would get these butterflies in my stomach when ever I would be facing my first ball, and I couldn’t help wonder why do I have this fear of failure in me?

Few weekends ago we had a game against a team who had been winning the comp from last 3 years (geez isn’t that burning). We were 2 players down, our original opening batsmen was injured, so someone had to open the batting, remind you that we were chasing 260 runs. No one was hoping that we would make more than 140 runs, considering they had very strong bowling line up. Straight away I had all the fingers being pointed at me, with nothing to loose I stared to pad-up. Walking out to the pitch, I knew I would have to face the first ball of the innings. Slowly but steadily my heart beat was increasing, but at that very moment a voice called out me, it was from inside me, it said, “Tanuj why are scared, nothings gonna happen even if get out first ball, but just think what will happen if you get going, you can give your team a chance to win.” Yes I know, it was my self-conscience, you will probably think I’am crazy but I consider it to be my sixth sense, and my god, because it tells me whether I’ am doing the right thing or the wrong thing and it’s always there, no matter what I’am going through. All I know is that my self-conscience (my god) is always right. Anyways in that game I ended making 76 runs, as a result of an astonishing decision, I had to walk. I was a part of 2 major partnerships one lasting 51 runs and the other one 81 runs. We lost that game by ten runs, yes that’s right we made 250, even though we were 2 players down.

That failure was a success. That very day I figured out the reason behind my fear – self-confidence, a virtue that I was missing. That very day I figured out the person who whore the nametag Tanuj. I understood myself. The very day I built a relationship with my conscience.

Through my story there were a few things that imply to my school life as well. Just like in cricket, even in school life you will face many problems, but you know it comes down to you, you can’t point fingers at others and say I’m not able to reach my goal because of him, or her or because of this and that…it’s what cowards do.…even in cricket I have been restricted from reach great heights because of favouritism, its like a glass ceiling, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

I bet you would have heard the saying practise make you prefect, I say this saying is wrong, only correct practise makes you perfect. You gotta keep your head up and keep trying, let nothing stop. Have self-confidence, take a risk, but prepare for the worst. In cricket my family looked over me and showed me a path for success in school it’s the teacher who have to look over and lead the students on.

A life is not lost even though a man is pronounced 99.9% dead; you can’t give up without a fight. For you have gotta understand, to gain a diamond, your self-conscience must call out to you “belief in yourself”, you need to have faith, imagination- a foresight, dedication, determination and the most important building block- hard work.

This is how winnin’ is done…go get ‘em tiger


4 Responses to "Help Yourself"

Interesting comment and clip. I would like to chat with you about this blogg. If you can find some time stop by my office.

Power to you!! If life were more like cricket things would be different!!

You have to have self confidence Tanuj, you are absolutely correct. At the end of the day, if you believe in yourself and take those risks, and overcome those challenges everyone will see the true colours of the individual shine. Continue to believe in yourself! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Great job dude, keep believing in yourself!

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