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Yo Dudes Make Way For The- ‘Super-Star’

Posted on: July 26, 2009

Im sorry I do realise I haven’t been blogging for quite a while now, exam were on my head, so had to study and try to keep up with other work. Anyways another school term has ended and like many terms this one brought along something new and something exciting. So many things have happened in so limited time, it was as though I would blink and a day would finish- I guess this is what winter brings along. Through this blog I want to highlight a very special thing that happened to me in the period of 3 months…

Face Of Education

Two months ago at school I was asked to meet and give an interview to a couple people from the Catholic Education Office. The main theme of this interview evolved around the aspect of CHANGE IN EDUCATION. I spoke greatly of our school and the educational reform that has been put into practise- PBL (Project Based Learning). The first point that I talked about was the perspective of teamwork put into a classroom scenario, I gave this a great deal of importance as this has a enormous effect in a workplace. Its a topic around which all the project and content learning evolves.

Picture above – http://www.nrp.org.uk/cms_images/PBL%20LOGO%20300%20dpi.jpg

Next point that I choose to explore was based upon engagement/ motivation of a student in his/her learning. In the section I provided with my own story, my journey of becoming and enthusiastic learner- a lazy student who always sat at the end of the classroom, always chatting with mates and giving education hardly any importance, EVOLVES into a self motivated and an ‘information hungry’ learner. Its something I’m embarrassed/proud off…embarrassed because I was that blind not to see the hidden potential within me and proud because I managed to open my eyes in the nick of time and realise the person I am and the abilities that I consist. Another branch of engagement looked upon the use of technology, softwares and various websites which of course provided teachers with a foundation to create appealing activities, which lead to the bigger picture, compelling through a project. I also mentioned about the student-teacher relationship, which obviously played an important role in carving up my own success and the success of many individual like me. For me teacher-student relationship lurks upon the basics of providing feedback, it’s a simple fundamental more feedback  = better the results… either provide encouraging words to push a student forward, or hit him/her hard with truth, letting them know the negatives and showing a path to improve.

Other points that ware talked about were collaboration and self-reflection. The example that I provided was based around…a student goes home and rights a blog or a journal describing information that he/she has gained. From that writing material, students develop a curiosity to explore and in doing so quite often they ask question and provide/share new information- this process offcourse is given the name, ‘collaboration’…Self-reflection provides a lot more, it helps a student to become more organised, it tells him/her how they know? Where do they stand? Where to improve? How to improve? This interview made me backtrack, and all the memories came back…

Fast-forwarding…One random morning, one the teachers, who is much a part of PBL- Mr. Bruce Carr came up to me to deliver a message, a message that totally shocked me. I was told that in a week’s time I would be needing to go to CEO (catholic education office) alongside him. I was told that I had impressed the interviewees so much that they had chosen me become the poster boy for the ‘modernised’ education.

At the CEO (filming room) Mr.Carr and I were filmed for about two hours or so, they asked me questions (based on my interview) and I replied to them. It was quite hard as I had no script and more difficult when I was told to repeat the lines that I had made from top of my head. PHEW some how I managed to pull it off! I must say I was quite impressed and couldn’t help feel a bit intimidated, as Mr. Carr just stole show, wow he was amazing. We were given a super-star’s treatment, the make up artist even put make-up on my face (geez it was hard to take it off…hey im not a girl so im not used to it) But all in all it was a wonderful day, and I’am truly thankful to all for giving me such an opportunity…it really made me realise how far I had come!

Picture above- http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/w-w/local-resources/images/filming.jpg

This studio filming was nothing but a massive reflection for me and an experience that I will never forget…looking forward to the dvd…and once again thankyou to all


4 Responses to "Yo Dudes Make Way For The- ‘Super-Star’"

Hello Tanuj
Yes I agree that the experience of the interview and filming was one few students and teachers get. I would argue that you in fact stole the show. The project based learning has also ignited my passion for teaching but teaching for what? The most important part for me is the opportunities for me as a teacher, to work alongside students like you and your peers, who gave up their own time to attended the staff training day so together we can create an educational environment that is real world, interesting and allows you to create not just acquire and reply. Are we making the need to create clear enough. What suggestions do you and your peers have about being engaged in your learning?

A powerful reflection Tanuj. You truly are an ambassador for education. I love the way you talk about your journey as a student who has grown into an active learner hungry for engagement and the will to be empowered. Congratulations! You deserve the super-star status that you enjoyed that day!

I am going to piggy back on the term “ambassador for education”. Well done. Your ability to reflect on your learning journey far exceeds that capable by most educated adults. Life is all about learning from our mistakes but you need people pointing out your mistakes and directing you on how to improve – Drum roll …….. This is as you mentioned FEEDBACK. The cherry on top of effective education. Well done.

It is great to see true talent finally recognized!! Russel Crowe started later that this!! I have enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of years now and I show you to lots of teachers as an example!! (I’m not Parra CEO but Sydney!!)

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