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It would be a nightmare

Posted on: March 25, 2009

Many times we take things for granted and do not appreciate the help provided. The only time we realise… “what great thing it was”…is only after we lost the privilege to use it. This topic brings upon a question… What would the world look like if the Internet was never invented?Visualize a world with no Internet. Seriously, close your eyes and try it. No email, no Twitter, no SL or MySpace. No Youtube and certainly no Internet research. For many this sort of scenario would sound like a nightmare, but really would there only be negatives if there was no Internet… c’mon there is got to be some positives…lets embark on a journey to compare and contrast upon this issue…
In small span of time Internet has dramatically changed our ability to gain access to information regarding the whole world, but off course sharing and collaborating information with many throughout the world, has brought upon new way of teaching and learning. Slowly but steadily we are seeing a rise in a system where education is being passed on in a more PBL or PLP type of manner. This is a sort system, heavily depends on sites such Ning, Google docs, Teamspace, Workconnect, Wiki, Wetpaint and Feedmyapp to collaborate, share and experience enjoyable learning. All of this links into a bigger image where it’s right to say students are responsible for their own learning. Alongside other peers and colleagues become the helpline (instead of teachers), side by side its fascinating to see mates criticizing and providing with well analysed feedback.

Internet has a major impact on nearly all the aspects of our life, for example our social life heavily stands upon the foundation built from 8 letters, that’s right its Internet. We use sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Faces, Friendster, and Plurk to stay in touch with friends and family members, alongside we get a chance to meet those who share same interests (eg. same work industry). Again we start to link in with collaboration, it could be either friend-chat sort of a thing or a more deepened conversation with people upon an important aspect.

As the time races past, the younger generations are expected to grasp as much information as possible and further develop upon general knowledge. This is another area, which is immensely affected by Internet. Online research plays such an important role in all of our lives, maybe its an assessment or a question you don’t have an answer to, whatever the case maybe, Internet research comes to our rescue when ever we seem to be trapped.

However no online help. Blocked from collaborating and sharing information. No more of visual and interactive learning. Forget the thought of talking, writing or interacting with an old mate or a professional in your field of interest. All of this sounds as though all the happiness and joy has been stolen away. Its time to step in the ‘darkside’….

In past, books have been an answer to the mean of gathering and gaining information, books have been our first preferences to find answers for various questions. Books are guide with a heap load of valuable, contextual and content based information, they not only increase our general knowledge but also become great references in future life. I would say if there wasn’t to be any Internet I guess books would the answer for receiving education and knowledge. Alongside, newspaper would become a medium to pass on information about events occurring throughout the world. So in summary reading and making notes from various books or newspapers would certainly become a positive aspect if there wasn’t to be any Internet. After all, reading is an essential skill…

As for communicating what better than the old dog and bone (telephone), it would only cost few bucks. Alongside using the post services to send documents and other materials around the globe.

Other positives… No Internet= No Paedophiles+ No Fame Hunters

Well offcourse there are few things that are virtually impossible to be done without the Internet…check out the video it’s amusing…

In the end its fair to say that Internet brings along the fun, interactive and enjoyable mean to spend time, no matter if it’s educative or just for entertainment. Life without Internet would be just so boring, bland and lacklustre. I guess we would eventually learn to live without it, but it will take quite a long time to get used to life with no Internet…


3 Responses to "It would be a nightmare"

What a wonderful and thought provoking response. The other day I tried to live a whole day without my mobile phone – it wasn’t impossible but I felt totally kept out of the loop. I felt isolated and it’s funny that I haven’t had a mobile for that long yet I felt immediately bereft when I couldn’t use it.

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

McLovin this stuff. Youth Online uses technology and social media to strengthen their friend networks, adults use it to predominantly widen their networks. More teens play online games than use social networks – in fact they only use ‘friend’ networks – as these are often places were ‘adults’ have no power over them – so to me it seems ridiculous to try and replicate that in a classroom, or try to replicate a classroom using social media. What is important to understand is ‘motivation’. What motivates you to write? What motivates someone else? – You may enjoy it, other may do it because of they have no other choice. Literacy in the future, is about understanding how communication is interoperable, between text, voice and image. The media is the message. The act of taking a photo, commenting on one, making a video, writing a blog, or painting, playing, writing with a pen about anything means we are engaging with the subject on some level – and so the next time we do it, we do it better. We can do that because we are motivated – which leads to deeper understanding, or do it because we have to, leading to surface learning. We are all strategic about when we do this. No one method is better all the time, we swap, based on interest, motivation and our friends. I read books, but I read blogs – I learn from both.

I learn from you, and read your blog, as you have a perspective that I have limited access to. If you started writing about motorbikes, I’d loose interest as I’m not ‘into’ that stuff – but others are. We live in times where more people are writing in a day than in any decade before. We are therefore reading more, trying more, creating more – and collaborating more.

I recommend that you have a look at some videos on TED (google it), especially Ken Robinson and Harold Rheingold. TED Talks are about the things you are talking about … and you might like some of the ‘futurist’ debate in those movie clips.

Thanks for the post … best of luck.


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