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I’ll Motivate You

Posted on: March 16, 2009

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my absence on wordpress ever since last few months. Being in year 10 certainly isn’t easy; especially when you are expected to exceed teacher’s own expectations. For me, year 10 is a step-up in terms of PBL (Project Based Learning), we are now treated as young and mature men, workload put upon us is immense, considering that I’ m accelerating in maths as well. However teachers do realise the importance of school-certificate and in order to compel us through this task successfully, we are being pushed to our absolute limits, as they say, “a good beginning makes a good end.”

However over last few lessons I have witnessed few students becoming surface learners and at this point I ‘am reminded of a conversation with Dean Groom, and the questions that he poses…

“I wonder, from your perspective, how your teachers go about trying to find out what motivates you? – Other than yelling, nagging and putting pressure on you through rules? – What do you think teachers need to learn about motivating ‘surface’ learners – to become – not a nerd, but lifelong, successful, deep learner?”-Dean Groom

Well I must say, on the aspect of motivation and teachers, lately I have been on a roller-coaster ride; I have had my ups and downs…

For those inquisitive, ever wondered what exactly is motivation?

I remember not long ago, I was reading an article written by Remez Sasson, where he stated- “Motivation is the inner power or energy that pushes one towards performing a certain action. Motivation has much to do with desire and ambition, and if they are absent, motivation is absent too. Motivation strengthens the ambition, increases initiative and gives direction, courage, energy and the persistence to follow one’s goals. A motivated person takes action and does whatever it needs to achieve his/her goals.”

Being a student undertaking PBL (Project Based Learning), I have been privileged enough to be taught by some of the best that teaching industry has to offer. My philosophy is that all teachers are intellectual, but the thing that sets apart the good ones from not so good ones, is the ability for finding numerous solutions to one multifaceted problem, this links into the perspective of creativity alongside pride and passion for teaching. At my current high-school, teachers reach great heights in order to motivate pupils, they use various means, such as…

· Showing care and appreciation for the work conducted (including rewards)
· Involvement -have students participate
· Making learning more interactive and visual (eg. images and videos)
· Using positive emotions
· On constant bases applying new methods (eg. teamwork activities)
· Capitalizing on needs of a student
· Providing with help to set achievable goals along the year
· Showcasing students inner ability and potential
· Creating competitions and setting benchmarks
· Emphasizing on mastery and learning rather than grades

As Lucy Gresser states, “…when the entry document is ‘unveiled’ the students must find within them, a natural desire to set to work in order to reach or rather ‘create’ the final product….”

Let us now hear from few of my teachers, see what they have to say upon this topic…

Gavin Hays

 Lucy Gresser

In my opinion it is important for a teacher to study various characteristic based upon a student before constructing a judgement about him/her. These characteristics may include things like…

· Behaviour
· Work ethic
· Hidden potential
· Passion for learning

Once the tutor has constructed an effective analysis upon a student then its important for the teacher to highlight strengths and weaknesses. Afterwards, its all in the creativity of the educator; he/ she (teacher) has to be clever enough to be able to relate and build upon those weaknesses by putting them into scenarios or sets of activities, which is enjoyed by a particular student. So indirectly with all the fun and enjoyment content is learnt, that too in such a manner that it’s not realized.

Word of advice from chef:

Ingredients for mouth-watering enthusiasm require excitement, slowly stirred with inspiration, and motivation, accompanied with a pinch of creativity.

I’ am not that bad for a 16-year-old cook, ah ! …bahahahah


2 Responses to "I’ll Motivate You"

stunning 🙂 You are reflecting and questioning the act of teaching and learning well above that of many ‘intellectual’ teachers, and what you are writing about and reflecting on is a predictor of life long learning. I asked a question that I didn’t have an answer … to that makes you my teacher. 🙂

awww…thank u so much for those find words…but in sense with PBL, from my perspective there isn’t teacher/student sort of thing even though that’s how we refer to each other, in my eyes we are bunch of learners who constructively collaborate and share our education and experiences with each other…so instead its more of a friends sort of thing…but once again thank u so much

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