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Reflecting Upon Faith

Posted on: February 23, 2009

The term religion is defined in numerous ways, being a member of Marist community, I have been privileged enough to build upon my knowledge about Catholicism everyday. My last few days in Cath. Tec have been based upon grasping knowledge and information on Bible and its contents. My education is not only based upon learning the fundamentals but also applying them in real life scenarios. The most beneficial part of my education is based on the basis of reflecting on my learning, everyday in my Cath. Tec I’ am pushed to strive for academic excellence, moreover I am expected to go beyond my teachers expectations.As I highlighted earlier, reflecting is the key to my learning and today I have been posed a couple of questions based upon my learning of catholic education.

First question looks at the aspect of linking beatitudes to parables but then also relating them to real life situation. -“What current real life story do you think could be used as a parable to teach a specific beatitude for Christian followers?” When I come to think about the term parable, instant words that pop up in my mind are based upon, stories containing a moral (deep meaning). Similarly In my opinion, beatitudes are a cluster of words which put together highlight the pathway, which leads to heaven.

When I close my eyes and visualise this question, my mind simultaneously shows me an image of Glen McGrath. McGrath was a Australian cricketing legend, he is an individual who in recent time has travelled through a road of sorrow, especially after loosing his wife to breast cancer, much rather hiding away his own sadness, he has devoted himself to helping others suffering from breast cancer. He has worked day and night providing financle and emotional help to those in need, in more recent days he has shown the glimpse of light to all by issuing the statement, “Together we can make a difference.”

“Jane McGrath fought recurrent battles with breast cancer. Glenn and Jane jointly established the McGrath Foundation, for which Glenn McGrath utilized his public figure to raise money to fund more Breast Care Nurses in rural and regional Australia, alongside educate young women to become more aware of this horrible disease. Sadly Jane lost a bravely fought battle on 22 June 2008 from complications following a cancer surgery.”

For a human being to be so humble and put aside a loss, of an individual who was meant to be a life-long partner and come out to promote the awareness for the diseases, really is quite inspirational and motivational for all. Events and actions that occurred in Glenn’s life certainly highlight the beatitude, which states, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“These are people who are humble and who do not think of themselves more highly than they ought. Jesus once said that whoever humbles himself as a little child would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. In the book of Proverbs we read that a man’s pride will bring him down, but a lowly spirit will bring him honour.
Change of topic, now it has come upon to look at the second question which was posed to me – “If you were given the opportunity to write a chapter for the bible what would you write about? What messages would you want your readers to take away?”

As I read this question, I’m reminded of the saying, “Treat others, as you want them to treat you because what goes around comes around”. So certainly in my aspect if I were to be given an opportunity to write a chapter in bible, I would compose it based around the topic ‘respecting humanity’. Much of the content, would be clustered, based upon things, such as, taking note of other’s perspective, giving individuals an equal right to express their own opinion and moreover respecting others as human-beings. My messages would be depicted via using the means of examples, as it would make this theme much more easier to understand.

The reason behind my decision to go along with this topic was because if humans are able to understand the deep meaning of this topic, indirectly it will erase terms such as violence, murder, and terrorism. Meaningful understanding of this content would also help in constructing good, healthy relationship amongst individuals, but also this theme would set upon the foundation, which will help a human-being develop socially and emotionally.

“Respect is taking into consideration the views and desires of others, and including it into your decisions. When you respect another, you factor and weigh their thoughts and desires into your planning and balance it into your decision-making.”


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