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Learning Vs. Passion: Tight call

Posted on: February 13, 2009

Lets embark on a journey to explore the contradiction in between learning and the passion of the teacher, when it comes to clarifying which pathway leads to more successful schooling year.

This idea tended to come in a conversation with Dean Groom on his blog Leadership 2.0. His blog by far is the most influential, and it’s certainly the one, which will tend to have a major impact in my near coming future. His blog is based upon the question ‘what makes a great leader ‘, further more he highlights the aspect based upon differentiating in between productive and reproductive- two of major qualities of a leader.

“Reproductive requires students to repeat a set performance to required standard. Productive requires students to apply their knowledge and skills to new situations that may be unique in that context.”

Alongside he also touches upon the topic of curriculum-leaders and the variety of qualities they should obtain. “Skilled curriculum-leaders are using frameworks based upon: to allow self-instruction, intensive reproductive learning workshops, workplace and authentic experiences to apply productive learning.”This part of his blog is the real turning point, and the foundation based upon the question-

“How do students know that what they are doing in one way of learning or another is ‘better’. I don’t mean more interesting (less boring), but better. Is it the learning or the passion of the teacher? If you get a great teacher who ‘gets it’ – does that mean a better experience…”- Dean Groom

From my perspective, if a student is blessed enough to be taught by a passionate, well academic and a loving teacher, then that revolves ordinary schooling days into remarkable, enjoyable and the most fun-loving experiences. These experiences are the ones, which do get reflected upon the most, and in future those journeys end up becoming the real driving strength (motivation). People outside may ask how am I able to answer such a question, well its quite simple for me because in past I have been privileged enough to be taught by such wonderful human-beings.

Whilst conducting my research I came across a writing material- what makes a passionate teacher? It is based on a book called ‘The Passionate Teacher’ by Robert L. Fried, and it highlights the fundamentals on aspects of being a fervent teacher. I personally found it quite extravagant and would highly recommend people to read the essay.
But off course on the other hand lies the aspect of all knowledge, education, content, and learning. Those who are quite studious (nerds) choose to go along this path, as for them it’s all about study, and claiming bookish knowledge. It’s these sorts of people who never get to see the more enjoyable side of education. But rightly from their point of view this method tends to suit them as they are receiving knowledge and education 24/7, with no distraction.

But then again how to differentiate in between which is better, from the eyes of a student I look at the aspect of the term ‘balance’. “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” Balance certainly plays an important role in my life and that’s what I look for in such situation. I’ am acquainted with the fact learning is important, after all that’s what schooling is about, but the way in which learning is delivered, takes the topic to a whole new level. Alongside learning, the passion of a teacher set upon the basis for the success in a study- room.

In our society today we are confounded with many circumstances, where schools and teacher are continuously experimenting with variety of methods. From my perspective the best methods look further beyond-practical life exercises, language / literacy, mathematics and cultural subjects. Much rather they work upon trying to develop students into life time learners, who are able to use the rudiments learned in a classroom to real life situations. For a student to identify the method he/she using is the best is by reflecting upon their own learning and question them themselves on things like- what I’m learning is it the best? Am I achieving marks, from which I will be proud of? Are there any other ways of learning such fundamentals? Am I gaining enough knowledge? Am I able to show my understanding in other ways?…

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he/she will continue the learning process as long as he/she lives.”


2 Responses to "Learning Vs. Passion: Tight call"

nice work again. I wonder that rather than think about studious students as ‘nerds’ – you might think about people being ‘deep’ learners – they want to know what underlines what is being taught, and enjoys finding out more and working on the subject – or surface learners – people who just want to get it done, just do enough to pass and move on. Some people can be deep in one subject but choose to be surface in others. I wonder, from your perspective, how your teachers go about trying to find out what motivates you? – other than yelling, nagging and putting pressure on you through rules? – What do you think teachers need to learn about motivating ‘surface’ learners – to become – not a nerd, but lifelong, successful, deep learner?

Enjoying the conversation … back to you …

Thank u Dean. I will be answering your qestions very soon, I have some special plans for my next blogg….

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