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Sturdy Start- Rise Of Australia

Posted on: November 12, 2008

After the success we had with our previous project (write on, write now), in which many of the students and teachers performed the act of enthusiasm. Now it was time to move onto our next project, which was given the name of, “Australia Then and Now”. As the name would have suggested that this project would looks at aspect of history, history of great nation that today we know as Australia. In order to under take this task students were given a formal document, which highlighted things that are asked from this project….


The compendium to the movie

To coincide with the release of Australia the movie, director Baz Luhrmann and his production company have promised to release a compendium to the movie so that an international audience may better understand the setting and context for the film.

The compendium to the film shall include a brief history of the nation from settlement until the present. Selected historical writers have been asked to complete different chapters. One chapter, Australia to 1901-1914, is to be written by school students from Sydney.

 The compendium is to be launched in 2 weeks time to coincide with the Sydney premiere of the movie. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman will also be available for a book signing at Angus and Robertson’s Pitt St. store on November 25th (cough, cough – like this would be true)

Even though we have only spent few lessons on this project, yet students have taken in quite a lot of content into them. As a class we have done an extensive research on- the world to 1914. In doing so we encountered many facts, which still shock many people. In my opinion the best way to describe the period from 1901- 1914 would be, clam breeze which blows before a storm. In say so I’am referring to periods just before World War 1. A bloody battle which we know took lives of many courageous warriors. Now you must be wondering how come our project is based on Australia, and yet we are doing all this research about the world, and wars. The reason behind this sort of research is for us students get a better knowledge on many sorts of alliances which were formed, during wars. This was done in-order for us to have a clear understanding in the relationship of Australia and its mother country- Great Britain. During our research work we covered many topics such as-

  • Empire/Imperialism
  • Arms Race
  • Dreadnought- Naval Race
  • Triple Entente
  • Triple Alliance
  • Boer War
  • Boxer Rebellion

If you look from your eyes at all those topics it would seem useless, but if see from the sight of a historian you will see fascinating topics which hold so much mysteries about our past.

Anyhow, later in the week we got together as class and viewed couple of videos. These videos had an in-depth look at the situation in Australia. We looked at the topics such as…

  • Constitutional convection in Australia
  • Federation taking place ;uniting as a country ( “either we work as a team, or die as individuals”)
  • United Defence Force
  • Trade and Economy
  • Woman Suffrage

From my prespective this project tends to be on rocky grounds, simply because there is no means of social networking (google docs., Ning) involved. But I’m sure my teachers and friends –Lucy and Sac with whom I developed in my learning this year would be able to convert it into a superior project.

“There is a long way to go, but at least a sturdy start has been made”

So here are few photographs I took, which convey our learning…


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