TaNuj^'s Weblog

Posted on: June 17, 2008

1) What form of medium (music, art or literature ) allows you to best connect with Jesus and Why

Music would be the best as then you can sing and say words to express your feeling, if it is to thank jesus or to pray to him….

2) Why has Jesus been portrayed in so many different ways throughout history?

He is being portrayed in history so many times because no one has really seen him, but only heard about him….  

4) What artistic time period do you think best represents your image of Jesus and why?

5) Identify one image of Jesus that appeals to you. What do you like about the representation?

This image shows how much suffering jesus took for us, how badley he was torchured and the persentation is preety good it has jesus putting his head on someone else shoulder to show suffering as well as crown of throwns in his head. the use of colour is good as well… 


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