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Individual Task- RE/IST

Posted on: June 13, 2008

1. List the title of the image.

The title of the image is-Crowning with thorns

2. Name the Artist where possible.

The artist of the painting is- Titan

3. Identify features of the artwork significant to the period.

This painting was done in the gothic period and it has many features, which suggest that it was made in gothic period such as-

·     Horror

·     Violence

·     Blood

4. Discuss your personal response to the message portrayed by the artwork.

The message that this artwork shows us is how much Jesus suffered for us and what sorts of way that he was tortured just for showing people how to life a good and happy life. In the image it shows how many people outnumbered him (how many people didn’t believe in him). The image also tells us what kind off painting were made during that period of time-very dark colours are used to show horror, and violence, the type off weapons that were used- spears, swords, and axes, the type off clothes- very loose rags.  


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