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Journal#1, project#3

Posted on: May 17, 2008

1. What preliminary research did you conduct to commence your project? Things that I researched to commence my project were-

  •  Features that a mordan car should consist of, such as Remote keyless entry, OnStar System, Anti-lock brakes (ABS), Electronic stability/skid-control system, Telescoping steering wheel/adjustable pedals, Rear-seat DVD player, GPS navigation system, Center console with power outlet, and Roadside assistance.
  • I also looked up at few car manufactures such as- Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW,        Citroen ,Ford ,Holden ,Honda ,Maserati ,Mercedes-Benz ,Mitsubishi Motors ,Peugeot ,Porsche ,Saab
    ,Suzuki ,Toyota ,Volkswagen and Hummer.
  • As well I have looked up at few car modals.
  • We have also looked up at features within photoshop and how it works. Also we have seen few tutorials on photoshop that have been put togethere by our teacher.

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