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Ist/Re 2

Posted on: March 30, 2008

Journal 51.) Which countries have banned the Internet?

1) Burma and China2.) Describe what the following image is about? (Provide TWO websites to support your findings)

2) The image contains a Chinese flag with a religious man in the background with the sign “banned” and “you-tube” going across it. So it is telling us that some countries find Internet bad/ useless and that why they have banned for it being used in there country


http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/2007/08/31/170-a-map-of-the-internets-black-holes/3.) Discuss how you would feel if the Australian government banned the Internet. What privileges would you lose?

3)If the Australian government banned the use of Internet it would be hard getting the knowledge our everyday life will become hard and boring, were people will be going to the local library 7 days a week trying to get  information. Children’s education is going to get much harder it would be hard completing our daily projects.


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